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Beauty is the Kee

217 Arrowhead rd. Jonesboro, Georgia, United States

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About Us

Our Start

Beauty is the Kee started with the vision that beauty should be attainable daily with little to no effort. Fortunately, Beauty Is The Kee mink lashes provide the subtlety of enhanced natural splendor which automatically boosts women to have the feminine appeal deserved of all..

Our Difference

Beauty is the Kee is the one stop shop for retailing and the comfortable installation of the highest quality mink lash line. Exclusive Beauty Is The Key Mink Lashes come in a variety of styles ranging from natural to dramatic, which guarantee eyes to pop from afar.  

Our Mission

The Mission of Beauty Is The Kee is to ensure that each client has a personalized experience that allows them to leave feeling more beautiful than when they arrived.